Our Mission

At Twenty Five/7 Talent Agency, we are dedicated to transforming lives and breaking the cycle of disadvantage. We recognise the stark disparities faced by underserved groups and those under-represented in high-skilled workforces, particularly among care leavers and individuals with care experience. Statistics show that only 7% of care leavers begin a higher education degree, and 25% of the prison population are care experienced. Our mission is to reverse these trends and reshape futures.

What We Do

Twenty Five/7 Talent Agency provides comprehensive recruitment solutions designed to empower and elevate. Our services extend beyond traditional recruitment; we offer robust pre and post-employment support to ensure our candidates not only land the job but also thrive in their new roles. Our approach is grounded in empathy, understanding, and a deep commitment to the communities we serve.

Our Leadership

Our agency is led by a Talent Acquisition Director who brings extensive experience and credibility to our mission, underscored by a prestigious membership with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). This leadership ensures we uphold the highest standards in recruitment practices and ethical considerations.

Our Approach

We are a team of skilled recruitment professionals specialising in mentorship, attachment theories, systems change, and sustaining innovation. Our expertise in these areas is crucial for understanding the deep-seated challenges faced by our candidates and for driving meaningful change. We work tirelessly to provide tailored support that meets the unique needs of each individual, fostering environments where talent can flourish regardless of background.

Our Vision

Our goal is ambitious yet clear: to turn the “25/7 ratio” around within a generation. Through supportive and empathetic recruitment practices, we aim to serve those under-represented and ensure our clients receive the exceptional talent they need. At Twenty Five/7, we don’t just fill jobs—we create opportunities for growth, impact, and sustainable change.

Join Us

Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable workforce. Join us on this transformative journey as we empower individuals to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential. At Twenty Five/7, we are more than a talent agency; we are a movement.